Road Trip

Up coming road trips. These are in the planning or wishful thinking stages. If an ‘actual’ trip happens, it will have it’s own page.

Other Trips:

– Van trip – PEI – Vancouver – PV

– Europe

– South America

PEI – Vancouver – Panama

A motorcycle trip taking place over 2 months. In the planning stages.

Part One

PEI to Vancouver

Roughly 6300 kilometers and 66 hours of driving. At least 8 days. More because I’ll stop and visit friends and family.

Part Two

Vancouver, B.C. to El Paso, Texas

43 hours of driving, 3800 kilometers.

Lots of stops and taking my time. Seeing the sights of Western USA.

Part Three

Mexico – El Paso to Puerto Vallarta

1600 kms, 20 hours

Part Four

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to Panama City, Panama

63 hours of driving, 4300 kilometers.

Taking my time

There are all kinds of logistical questions to be answered. My approach has a lot of see how I feel. As in, I may only get to Edmundston and have had enough.  “I’m backing up and I don’t care”