Hola México

We’ve travelled throughout the warmer south, escaping the frigid cold of Canada’s winters for about 10 years now. Starting in St Maarten and doing a few other islands as well. Then Panama and finally Mexico which is our favourite. We tried both the gulf coast and the pacific coast of Mexico, and found we liked the pacific and specifically Puerto Vallarta the most. We didn’t do the typical ‘all inclusive’s’ on all these trips. Actually, I’ve never been to an ‘all inclusive’. We’ve always just found a good hotel, a room, an apartment and had a great time finding our way. That was half the fun. We both enjoy finding out about other cultures. Yes it’s a bit scary but we’ve never been hurt, don’t have any regrets and always found it to be a richer experience than our compatriots in the compounds.

We progressed from 1 week trips to our present 4 month trip. It can’t really be called a trip any more. We ‘live’ here for part of the year. We are both fortunate in that we can work remotely. All we require is a good cell signal and good internet. Both seem to be easily available down here. We were close to the centre of Puerto Vallarta, where all the action is, but found it to be too much action for our old bones. We need our sleep and all the parties that ran at full volume until 4 a.m. were over the top. We are about 20 minutes outside the ‘action’ zone now so it’s not much of a bus or taxi ride and we can get our sleep. We’re also a short walk to the beach and go for walks on the beach almost daily which is as great as it sounds. Next winter we’ll be down here for 5 months and miss pretty well all the unpleasantness of the Canadian winter.

We’ve used the healthcare down here quite a bit and find it to be leaps and bounds better than the Canadian system. More on that in another blog post.

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