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This Writer on Writing

Pouring out your brains and heart, your thoughts and feelings onto a white sheet of paper. Baring your soul. It’s like creating a piece of art. It has to be a great work of art and then putting a price on it. Presumably so you can eat. It’s not cathartic. It’s painful. Selling your soul … Read more

Mexican Medical

I’ve partaken in the Mexican medical system a number of times. In short, it’s been awesome. Given that I come from Canada where healthcare is predominantly free, I find paying a bit of a shocker, but I’ve gotten used to it pretty quick. Healthcare in Mexico has 2 tiers, public and private. IMSS is the … Read more

Hola México

We’ve travelled throughout the warmer south, escaping the frigid cold of Canada’s winters for about 10 years now. Starting in St Maarten and doing a few other islands as well. Then Panama and finally Mexico which is our favourite. We tried both the gulf coast and the pacific coast of Mexico, and found we liked … Read more


Pretty odd really, but actually makes sense now that it’s the computer age.  Geeks rule.  Sure ‘alpha males’ still get laid more but in a weird twist of nature, Geeks are gaining ground and becoming…well getting better at getting laid.  The ‘alpha males’ are working for the Geeks most certainly.  Really the ‘Alpha Geeks’ are … Read more


I saw paintings by Carmen Chami for the first time in Guadalajara in 2015 at a beautiful gallery where I was looking at the art of José Clemente Orozco murals.  They affected me and I starred at them for quite some time but couldn’t figure out why they affected me but they did.  It wasn’t until … Read more

Salt of the Earth

Mud. Mud made into something remarkable. Something useful. It feels good in the hand when it’s well crafted but have you ever played with mud…clay?  It’s cathartic.  You touch the earth.  Then it’s fired until it vitrify’s.  If it’s glazed it’s a glass casing of many colours. Endless possibilities.

Claro Clarinet

It squawks and squeaks but then I get those clear chilling notes that are the throaty erotic sounds of a well played clarinet.  That’s what’s in my head anyway. My sounds aren’t well played yet but I hear hints of that sound that I love. I see musicians playing a song I know and visualise … Read more